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Simple House for Small Family

Build a dream is a house big enough challenge, especially on the issue of planning and cost to make it happen. But if we are capable of meeting facilities and a description of a model home that we want, precisely this process more enjoyable. Building a dream home we had to find a strategic location before starting the process of planning the overall structure of the house. In this case we have to plan the design of the landscape area by combining the building site so as to create a 'package' single, beautiful and comfortable. So basically in addition to the aesthetic beauty of nature, we need to observe the location of other buildings near the house we have planned, whether there is one or several buildings are 'disturbing' or not.

Simple House for Small Family

In the picture we see the picture of the physical form of the house, a building that looked perfect, but not described in detail on the road or access to the area. Actually the way to the location (home) is an important aspect to consider. For example, how long it takes from the location to the workplace and how the distance necessary to achieve public places such as hospitals, houses of worship, shopping centers, and so on?

Not every house that we think looks seemed perfect dream home forever, because people have to live with the times, which means that every time there is a change in lifestyle. If our dream house plan is already realized maybe in the future we will find the new design passion or inspiration requires us to explore the old house model to the new model. It is the same with our condition is always growing and moving, as well as the state of the environment around us is constantly changing.

We can make a reference to design a dream home, including the determination of the facilities and the amount of space needed, though perhaps a bit much limited by the location you select. But in this case we have to make sure the amount of space and adjust the number of people who will live in the house. In addition to the facilities bedrooms, each household also indirectly determine the size of the kitchen and dining room. Once again, we have to adjust the size of the room by the population. In conclusion we have to choose from the most detail if we want to model a dream home, because it will make the next step easier.

The most important element is the establishment of a residential house itself. The house can be interpreted as follows:
  • A place to settle down, residence / address, location of residence. Part of the existence of the individual / family (related to the status, domicile, identity).
  • Part of the functional area of the city. Investments (family or company).
  • Sources trip generation (trip production).
  • Space for recreation.
  • Space used to establish family life.
  • The container as privacy boundaries and so on.
Natural lighting and / or artificial, directly or indirectly can illuminate the whole room with a minimum of 60 lux light intensity and does not dazzle. Prevent accidents that houses should be built in such a way so as to protect the occupants of the possibility of danger or accident. Included in these requirements include a sturdy building, the stairs are not too steep and slippery, to avoid the danger of fire, power tools are shielded, do not cause gas poisoning for residents, protected from traffic accidents, etc.

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